Mother Goose

About Us

We believe maternity care in the United States will never improve without a structural and fundamental change in the delivery of that care. With the United States having reached epidemic levels of maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality that are the worst in the developed world, those changes cannot come fast enough.

Mother Goose is a brand new experience for both pregnancy care providers and pregnant individuals. It is a reimagining of the maternity experience and access to resources. Mother Goose is a high human touch platform using tech enabled by humans to optimize outcomes.

Our Mission

To transform maternity care by extending the ability of providers to manage care without expending their own stretched time and resources.

To empower pregnant individuals to engage in shared decision making.

To improve cost, quality and access for all.

Mother Goose Values


A fundamental element of quality maternity care is respect for all people. 


Regardless of ability to pay, all people deserve equal access and opportunity in health care.


Sensitivity, compassion, and understanding of an individual’s experience during pregnancy are part of the keys to a stress free pregnancy experience and optimal outcomes.

Meet Our Team

Kenneth Levey MD MPH

CEO and Head of Product

Lewis Katz

COO and President

Robert Dondes

Chief Strategy Officer

Ebony Carter, MD MPH

High Risk Pregnancy Specialist
Senior Board Advisor

Carle Falk, MHSA

SVP, Marketing and Strategy

Dorothy Gemmell

SVP, Business Development

Marin Rothenberg, MBA

VP, Operations

Ricky Panzer

VP, Engineering

Morgan Harrell, PhD

Senior Data Scientist

Don Rauscher

Senior Machine Learning Engineer