Mother Goose

Health Plans

The healthcare system can be confusing and difficult to navigate.

When patients need care, the challenges of scheduling appointments, understanding treatment plans, and being outside of one’s comfort zone can be daunting. It can also make a person feel alone and even frightened.

Health Plans have a new option that offers a holistic Care Coordinated approach

Mother Goose Health provides a support network that clears the systemic “road blocks,” and knits together obstetricians, counselors, behavioral health specialists, health educators, lactation specialists, nutritionists, birth support specialists, and care advocates along with your benefits plan.

With Mother Goose, the pregnant woman is not alone in her journey. There are strong advocates around her — caring professionals dedicated to health outcomes and best practices for the mother and newborn.

Mother Goose has created a human enabled, high touch, technology supported system that

  • improves the quality of interactions with providers
  • improves return to work rate
  • increases company loyalty
  • increase work productivity
  • helps to avoid unnecessary ER and doctor visits
  • leads to healthier and happier employees 

Mother Goose dedicates itself to quality and best practices.

Through discrete data collection and analytics, Mother Goose drives professional metrics that continually review key performance indicators, risk, outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Premature birth rates, Maternal Mortality, and
infant morbidity are on the rise.

These adverse outcomes drive costs to skyrocket and put undue stress on new families:
Partnering together, Mother Goose and your health plan can reverse these trends, delivering healthier mothers, healthier babies, better care, and lower costs.