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What is Mother Goose Health?

Mother Goose Health is your personalized pregnancy support team that works directly with your obstetrician who takes a team based care approach to your pregnancy. 

Does Mother Goose Health replace my doctor? 

No, Mother Goose Health works with your obstetrician as part of your care team

Does Mother Goose Health offer telemedicine visits?

Mother Goose offers video visits with our team of care providers that include lactation consultants, mental health professionals, and nutritionists. If you are planning for a telemedicine visit with your physician that would be scheduled directly with your physician. 

Who is part of my Mother Goose Health team?

Your care team is made up of an obstetrical nurse (RN) and a care manager who may be a health coach or social worker, or both, depending on your individual needs.  

How do I communicate with my Mother Goose Health team?

The easiest way to communicate with your Mother Goose Health care team is via the chat tool on your mobile applications.

How does Mother Goose Health communicate with my obstetrician?

Your obstetrician gets information electronically from Mother Goose Health and in turn communicates electronically with your Mother Goose Health care team.

Do I need to use the application daily?

It is recommended that you use your mobile application program daily but it is not required unless you have a special risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, mental health issues or other pregnancy related difficulties.  We will send you friendly reminders via notifications from the mobile application to help you keep on track to having a healthy pregnancy and baby. 

What is the risk assessment and why should I complete it?

The simple risk assessment is a survey that takes less than 15 minutes, allows us to personalize your care experience, and ensures you get the right level of care and support

How is Mother Goose Health different from other pregnancy websites and apps?

Mother Goose is a care management program.  While it includes content and information from the March of Dimes, we are unlike other pregnancy apps and websites that only provide education.  We actually give you access to a personalized care team and work directly with your obstetrician. It is free for you to use. 

If I have a pregnancy problem do I call Mother Goose Health or do I call my doctor?

If you have something that requires urgent attention such as bleeding, labor, contractions, water broke, general illness, or pain then you will need to be directly in touch with your obstetrician. For non-urgent issues and questions, your Mother Goose Health team is here to help.  

What happens if I stop using the application?

If you stop using the mobile application, you may receive a reminder email or call from your individualized care management team. The mobile application is the best way to communicate with you. You will continue to receive obstetrical care from your physician. 

Is my health information secure?

Mother Goose Health is fully compliant with the HIPAA Privacy Rule which establishes national standards to protect individuals’ medical records and other individually identifiable health information.

Is Mother Goose Health real people or a chat bot?

Mother Goose Health is real people! You will often communicate directly over chat or phone with your personalized Mother Goose Health  team. We do have amazing tech that supports those interactions and some of the interactions are supported by artificial intelligence.

How do I contact Mother Goose Health for technical support?

This can be done through your mobile applications by clicking “Support”

How does Mother Goose Health work with my insurance company?

Yes.  Your health insurance plan sponsors your use of the Mother Goose Health care management team.  Providers, such as nutritionists, lactation consultants, mental health professionals, and physical therapists that you work with through Mother Goose Health may be covered under your health insurance plan. It is important to understand that coverage before you engage with those providers. Mother Goose Health works very hard to ensure all of its providers are in network with your insurance plan. 

Will I ever get a bill from Mother Goose Health?

You will never get a bill from Mother Goose Health.  Mother Goose Health is your free maternity care team provided to you in partnership with your doctor. 

How can I download the Mother Goose Health mobile application?

It is available on Android or iOS.

The obstetrician leads the treatment. Mother Goose is here for the moments in between.

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