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Notice to Patients About Mother Goose Health’s Participation in Health Information Exchange Operated by Healthix

Mother Goose Health participates in the health information exchange operated by Healthix. Healthix is a not-for-profit organization and a qualified entity (QE) under New York State Department of Health. Healthix facilitates the sharing of information about people’s health electronically and meets the privacy and security standards of HIPAA, HITRUST and New York State Law.

This Notice is to inform you that as part of participation in Healthix, Mother Goose Health electronically sends/uploads Protected Health Information (PHI) to Healthix. Healthix is a business associate under HIPAA.

Certain staff at Mother Goose Health are authorized to access your information through Healthix subject to applicable patient consent rules. Consent to access Healthix is granted by the patient on an organization-by-organization basis. In the absence of consent, certain limited data may be shared to support your care (for example, Limited Patient Care Alerts). However, you have the option of denying access, whether to Mother Goose Health der or to all organizations in Healthix. If you choose to deny all access to Healthix, you may do so by visiting Healthix’s website at or calling Healthix at 877-695-4749 or contacting

Information in Healthix about patients comes from places that have provided medical care or through health insurance (claims) information. These data sources may include hospitals, physicians, pharmacies, clinical laboratories, health insurers, the Medicaid program and other organizations that exchange health information electronically. Patients can obtain an updated list at any time by visiting or by calling 1-877-695-4749.

If you have questions, you may contact

A list of the organizations that participate in Healthix is available on the Healthix website

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