Mother Goose

Obstetrical Care Providers

With a CEO who is an OB/GYN with over 20 years in clinical practice, Mother Goose understands your needs. We understand your number one priority is amazing outcomes and a laser focus on the patient. However, we also know you cannot do it alone.

Consider the things you wish you could offer your patients but cannot because of limited time and limited staff resources. Consider all the information, education, attention to social issues, care coordination, phone calls, messages, and details required just to get through one day.

Mother Goose solves many of those issues by providing a comprehensive human-enabled tech solution platform that is absolutely free to you in every way.  

We start by onboarding patients with a comprehensive risk assessment using data provided by the patient, the patient’s payer, and your EMR. We then provide that risk profile for your information.

Inside Mother Goose you have full control of the care pathways and level of outreach done by our care coordination team staffed by obstetrical nurses and social workers. Our care pathways are closed loops. So, if you order a nutrition consult we are on top of the status of that consult and its outcome every step of the way.
On our platform, your patients have access to nutritionists, lactation consultants, physical therapists, doulas, and many other critical obstetrical and new mother support services.

Receive alerts with our AI-enabled remote patient monitoring tools

All as ordered by you.

We uniquely focus on key social determinants of health and have partnered with community-based organizations and governmental organizations. Our platform team coordinates all of those services reporting everything back to you.

You and your staff get all the information
with none of the work.

Mother Goose is a true extension of you, your office, and your staff. We are there for your staff and the patients in-between visits and truly remove your care coordination burden while improving outcomes for your patients.