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Thank you for choosing Mother Goose Health as your maternity care management partner.

We are always here to answer your questions. Our goal is to support you in supporting patients. To keep our platform free to providers we need your partnership! And the more we direct patients to our service and mobile application the more effort we can put forth to make your life easier.

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Onboarding Patients

Mother Goose receives information from your EMR based on appointment type. When we get this information it comes with a complete set of the patient’s demographics as it exists in your EMR.

We then email the patient with information about Mother Goose and how to download the app. At this point patients have access to the mobile app including patient education, trackers, and risk analytics. As of December 1, 2022, we have not given risk output access to patients. This is scheduled for late Q4 2023.

Once this is complete and you have ordered the ‘Mother Goose Core OB Pathway’, your dedicated care manager reaches out to the patient to make an introduction. In the future, this introduction will be automated with a proactive in-app chat from the care manager.

Prior to the first visit with you, the patient receives three text messages spaced two days apart. Those messages include links to basic pregnancy information.

Here are the pages to which they are directed in the various texts:

Information about prenatal tests

What to expect at your first prenatal visit

Questions to ask at the first prenatal visit (with answers)

In-Office Marketing

You should expect to receive posters and customized rack cards for your practice as well as support from our team about how to discuss Mother Goose services and utility with your patients.

Current and Future Care Plans, Features, and Management

Features Summary Table

Date Updated

June 8, 2023

June 8, 2023

June 8 ,2023

June 8, 2023

July 10, 2023

July 10, 2023

July 10, 2023

July 10, 2023

July 10, 2023

August 1, 2023

August 1, 2023

August 1, 29023

Feature Name

Core OB Plan

Patient Education Features

Medical Emegency Alerts

Nutrition Plan

Patient Education Modules

Mental Health Referral


Missed Appt Support

Appointment Reminders

Proactive Chat/Messaging

Depression screening

Risk Analytics

Live Markets



All (BP and Suicidality)

NY, Others Q3/23

All / Custom by Practice

Illinois Q3 2023, NY Q4 2023

California and NY Q3 2023



All / Custom by Practice



Mother Goose Core OB Plan: This is the standard starter pathway for all patients regardless of risk or issues. It tells our care managers to get started with the patient and make an introduction to discuss use of the service and app. It also releases the risk survey, links patient education, adds mental health periodic screeners to mobile app and starts the process of getting a BP cuff to the patient. This order should be included in your set of initial prenatal labs. (Updated 10/15/2022)

Mother Goose Nutrition Plan: With this pathway our care management team facilitates a nutrition referral. By the end of Q1 2023 it will include a full opportunity for meal delivery (paid for by insurance) and appropriate nutrition counseling. This pathway is for general nutrition such as obesity and SDoH related food access issues. To order in your EMR choose: Mother Goose Nutrition (Updated 6/8/2023)

Mother Goose Patient Education: All education material is under license / sourced from either March of Dimes, CDC, or ACOG. The source of each patient education module is identified at the bottom of each module. Content is pushed to patients based on GA and ICD. MGH can customize the content per practice by adding your own material and/or by deletng the MGH material. FUTURE: Patients will be able to rate the quality of the content and ask question based on the content – such question will be routed to our care management team for initial screening. (Updated 5/8/2023)

Mother Goose Medical Emergency Alert Protocol: With this feature, MGH will automatically alert you and your team 24/7 when abnormal RPM values (these values are also customizable per practice) appear or suicidal ideation exists. The contact information, and copy for push messages, text messages, and emails to your team and patients is completely customizable per practice. Practice work hours are also customizable to the notification are routed to the right people at the right time. (Updated 5/8/2023)

Mother Goose Mental Health Pathway: With this pathway our care management team facilitates a mental health referral to either a psychologist or LCSW. The Mother Goose care manager will also link you patient with necessary community resources and support. Additionally, the care manager will reach out to your clinical liaison when there is a suicidality risk. To order in your EMR choose: Mother Goose Mental Health. (Updated 11/15/2022)

Mother Goose Remote Patient Monitoring: MGH is your partner is free remote patient monitoring for your practice and your patient. BP is expected by the end of June 2023 with weight and CGM expected by the end of 2023. (Updated 5/16/2023)

Missed Appointment: This is an automated function. If an appointment in your EMR is marked as no-show or missed, then our care management team is aleerted. They reach out to the patient to encourage appropriate reschedule. But most importantly discuss with the patient reasons for the missed appointment and attempt to mitigate any issues associated with that missed appointment. (Updated 11/15/2022)

Appointment Reminders: This is an automated function. Mother Goose sends appointment reminders to your patients one day prior to the appointment as well as the same day of the appointment. If you do not want these reminders sent, if you do not want these reminders sent then ask you Mother Goose account liaison to turn them off. (Updated 5/30/2023)

Mother Goose Hypertension Pathway: This is currently in development and is aimed at women with CHTN. It will include education, close RN care manager support, urinalysis, and regular BP measurements. (Expected Q2 2023)

Mother Goose Diabetes Pathway: This pathway is currently under development and is aimed at women with Type I/II diabetes and GDM. This pathway will include a CDE, CGM, and support for automated ordering of diabetes supplies through the mobile app. (Expected Q2 2023)

Mother Goose Miscarriage Guidance and Support: Currently this is an internal pathway based only on an ICD code from your EMR or state HIE. It simply shuts off any push messages about pregnancy to the partient. Coming soon will be a full miscarriage support and testing module. (Updated 12/15/2023)

Mother Goose Nausea and Vomiting of Pregnancy Pathway: Expected Q3 2023 with nursing, nutrition, and pharmacy support.

Mother Goose Anemia Pathway: Expected Q4 2023 with nursing, nutrition, and pharmacy support.

Mother Goose Postpartum Care Plan: MGH identifies the date of delivery in one of three ways – patient reported data, HIE data, or directly via EMR. With this pathway our care management team and automated functionality are able to delivery MIPS compliance, mental health screening, lacation and care support as well as primary care handoffs and transitions. The Mother Goose care manager will also link you patient with necessary community resources and support.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mother Goose Health?

Mother Goose Health is a maternity care management platform that supports patients and obstetrical care providers to optimize outcomes and minimize work. 

Does Mother Goose Health replace me? 

No, (you’re awesome and Mother Goose could never replace you!) Mother Goose Health works a part of your team to support you and your patients.

Does Mother Goose Health offer telemedicine visits?

Mother Goose offers video visits with our team of care providers that include lactation consultants, mental health professionals, and nutritionists. Televisits scheduled with you cannot be done on our platform at this time but we will be able to provide this service free of charge in the future.

Who is part of the patient’s Mother Goose Health team?

The care team is made up of an obstetrical nurse (RN) and a care manager who may be a health coach or social worker, or both, depending on the patient’s individual needs.  

Who do I contact for technical support?

If you have any technical issue with our platform in any way, please email

How does Mother Goose Health communicate with me?

During onboarding we identified a practice liaison. That will be the prime person with who we communicate regarding clinical issues. If that person changes, please let us know ASAP by emailing

What is the risk assessment?

The simple risk assessment is a survey that takes less than 10 minutes for patients to complete. Please encourage your patients to do so. It allows us to personalize their risk at baseline and then offer you a risk assessment at 20 weeks and 30 weeks.

Does Mother Goose practice medicine??

No. We are constantly messaging patients to ensure they contact you with the issues that are clearly outside of care  management or obstetrical nursing. These include anything related to fetal movement, bleeding per vagina, leaking fluid, severe headaches, and acute pain.

Is my patient’s health information secure?

Mother Goose Health is fully compliant with the HIPAA Privacy Rule which establishes national standards to protect individuals’ medical records and other individually identifiable health information.

Will I ever get a bill from Mother Goose Health?

You will never get a bill from Mother Goose Health.  Mother Goose Health is your free maternity care team support platform provided to you in partnership with insurance companies. 

Can I customize the educational content?

Yes. We have a library of content from ACOG, CDC, and March of Dimes. You can choose which articles do and do not appear in your patient’s mobile app. You can also provide us with your custom educational material so you can direct your patients to the mobile app to view certain items.

We keep a log of these views by the patient. If there is ever a legal issue, you can go back to Mother Goose to obtain the information proving the patient was both given and read a certain education topic.

Can I “white label” Mother Goose?

Currently, we do not have a white label option but it is on the roadmap. However, there are multiple areas of customization available including patient education and timing of pushing patient education, and custom messaging. (Updated 8/1/2023)

The obstetrician leads the treatment. Mother Goose is here for the moments in between.

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