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Know what to expect at your first prenatal appointment.  

Your first prenatal visit is usually the longest unless you experience complications with your pregnancy.

Routine Procedures

At this appointment, your provider will take your medical history, check your weight and blood pressure, and perform blood tests. These blood tests will test your blood type, Rh factor, exposure to hepatitis and syphilis, and immunity to German measles.

Fetal Heartbeat

You may be able to hear your baby’s heartbeat at this appointment. However, if your prenatal appointment is on the earlierside, you may need to wait to hear your baby’s heartbeat. The fetal heartbeat is usually first detectable between 12 and 14 weeks.

HIV and Other STI Testing

You may choose to take an HIV test during the early stages of your pregnancy. Any person who is sexually active is at least potentially at risk for HIV infection. Many people who are HIV positive do not belong to any particular high risk group, such as drug users.

HIV in pregnancy has potentially serious implications for mother and baby. We now have the capacity to offer medications in pregnancy to help prevent transmission of the virus to the baby. Obviously, we cannot offer medications unless we know your HIV status. Most women will have a normal or negative result and will be relieved by having this information. If you do test positive, we will help you in obtaining specialized care for both yourself and your baby.

Prenatal Care Plan

Finally, your provider will go over recommendations for your prenatal care, including diet, exercise, sexual activity, travel, and work. You’ll go over your appointment schedule for the course of your pregnancy, and should also go over a plan for your general health. You may be at the doctor more frequently than usual during your pregnancy, but it’s important not to put off other regular procedures, like your regular dental checkup.

The obstetrician leads the treatment. Mother Goose is here for the moments in between.

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