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with Mother Goose

Healthier Mothers
+ Healthier Babies

Mother Goose Health is the first fully-integrated platform to unify communication and care – providing a 360 degree view of maternal health to health plans, providers, and patients.

Designed by OB/GYNs, our customized platform delivers personalized care and collaboration, identifying problems before they become serious pregnancy complications.

Mother Goose is committed to improving prenatal and postpartum maternal health. One way pregnant women can expect more with Mother Goose is through our team care approach.

As one example, take a look at how our team addresses potential nutrition problems.

Improving Maternal Outcomes and Saving Billions in Healthcare Costs

The Mother Goose platform ensures women get needed care and interventions in advance of and between prenatal visits to reduce complications and costs associated with adverse outcomes.

The obstetrician leads the treatment. Mother Goose is here for the moments in between.

The Benefits

Delivering a 4:1 ROI for Health Plans

Reduce expenses and deliver better outcomes at scale

Mother Goose is the first fully-integrated platform partnered with health plans to expand value-based care in obstetrics.

Utilizing proven clinical models, we leverage data analytics and predictive risk modeling to identify medical risks early, unify communication, and expedite the delivery of evidence-based clinical care. Reducing cost, improving quality, and increasing patient and provider satisfaction.

Health plans incur excessive, avoidable costs associated with maternity and infant care. Our platform improves outcomes including a significant reduction in preterm birth rates, Cesarean deliveries, NICU Admissions, NICU LOS and ER/UC visits.

Transforming the Way Maternity Care is Delivered


Mother Goose unifies a fragmented maternity care system, driving evidence and value-based care to improve outcomes and lower costs.

Clinically Proven Care

Patient Engagement
& Support Team

Telehealth &
Remote Monitoring

Value-Based Compensation
& Physician Support

Connected Services
& Workflows

Clinical Care
Management & Interventions

Risk-Based Modeling
& AI Predictive Analytics

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