Mother Goose

Pregnancy Care Reimagined

An all new maternity health and support system

Mother Goose helps doctors and patients initiate care and identify pregnancy-related risks earlier, then develops and executes physician initiated personalized care pathways reducing risk and improving pregnancy outcomes while closing gaps in care and health equity.

Improving health outcomes of pregnant women and babies

Mother Goose is uniquely focused on the human aspect of pregnancy care.

Mother Goose empowers pregnant women and the modern family with truly customized health and maternity care solutions for the unique journey of each mom, family and baby.

Mother Goose is a fully integrated extension of obstetrical care providers. We help manage care with a high level of human touch and data analytics to predict and prevent life altering and financially costly adverse pregnancy outcomes such as preterm birth.  

Lewis Katz

Co-Founder, COO of MotherGoose

“If you can give a child a true healthy start, you now start to decrease the disparities between the haves and have nots”

The Mother Goose Patient Experience

Mother Goose is uniquely focused on coordinating patients’ needs and care requirements. We do this with actual people who work as an extension of your obstetrical providers office to coordinate both your clinical care and social needs to achieve the best pregnancy and healthy baby possible. Our mobile application is uniquely tailored to your medical, social, and cultural needs with smart educational content that speaks to who you are.

On Demand Video Interactions

Our staff is available for your needs and to help you navigate our difficult health care system

A Team Approach

Our team of care navigators, obstetrical nurses, nutritionists, mental health professionals, physical therapists, doulas, and lactation specialists are here to help optimize your pregnancy and newborn health.

More care

Through our app, your obstetrical care provider is always in the loop and directing what's going on with you. Information from wearables and our coordinated services are always sent to your provider.

Our Community

We know patients do better when connected with patients of similar backgrounds. So, our geo-located communities allow you to connect with someone local who knows what you are going through.